Sound controls and audio settings

- SPEED VOLUME CONTROL is a function that automatically adjusts the volume according to the vehicle speed.

As the vehicle speed increases, the audio volume automatically increases to match the vehicle speed, in order to create a pleasant listening environment even as the driving noise increases.

- For type B audio, SRS CS Auto is equipped. SRS CS Auto creates a 5.1ch equivalent surround field using 6 or 7 speakers that are installed in the vehicle.

- For type D audio, SRS TruBass and FOCUS are equipped.

- SRS Sound features:
(1) Sound originating from door mount speakers can be heard at ear level (built in SRS FOCUS effect) (type B and D audio).

(2) Ultra rich bass sound can be obtained from standard door mount speakers (built in SRS TruBass effect) (type B and D audio).

(3) Surround sound can be obtained from 2-channel stereo sources such as CD, MP3 and FM (built in SRS Circle Surround II effect) (type B audio).

(4) SRS CS Auto can position the center channel image in the center of the vehicleТs windshield. This eliminates the need for a center speaker (built in SRS Circle Surround II phantom center and SRS FOCUS effects) (type B audio).

- CS Auto, SRS and Уtrademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.Ф symbol are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.

- CS Auto technology is incorporated under license from SRS Labs, inc.

- TruBass, FOCUS, SRS and Уsymbol are trademarks of SRS Labs,Ф symbol are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.

- TruBass and FOCUS technologies are incorporated under license from SRS Labs, Inc.

Tone and balance control (type A, B and C audio)

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