Anti-entrapment function

When the moonroof senses a substantial enough object trapped between its glass and the vehicles roof during closure, it automatically moves back by 6 in (15 cm) from that point and then stops. The antientrapment function may also be activated by a strong shock on the moonroof even when there is nothing trapped.

Never attempt to test this function

Never attempt to test this function using fingers, hands or other parts of your body.

- For the sake of safety, it is recommended that you avoid driving with the moonroof fully opened.

- Driving with the moonroof fully open can cause an annoying sound to generate at high speeds. If such a condition has been encountered, use the moonroof at the initial stop position of 20 in (50 cm) away from the fully closed position.

- If the moonroof cannot be closed through switch operation because of system failure, it can be closed manually using a hex-head wrench. For the procedure, refer to Moonroof if the moonroof cannot be closed.

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