Preparation for using the Handsfree system

Before using the Hands-free system, it is necessary to register a cell phone in the system. Perform the following procedure to register a cell phone.

1. Press the OFF hook switch 2. Select ENGLISH/FRANÇAIS by.

2. Select ENGLISH/FRANÇAIS by operating the TUNE/TRACK/CH dial.

Then WELCOME! will be displayed.

3. Press the TUNE/TRACK/CH dial or the talk switch 4. Select the RECORD NAME menu..

4. Select the RECORD NAME menu.

5. Say the name to be registered.

6. Select the CONFIRM menu. After CAR M_MEDIA is displayed, a pass key is displayed.

7. Input the displayed pass key into the cell phone while PKY: **** (type C audio)/PASS KEY: **** (type D audio) is displayed. If you input the correct pass key, PAIRED is displayed and the registration procedure is finished. If you input an incorrect pass key, FAILED is displayed and the registration procedure was not successful.

When the ignition switch is turned to the Acc or ON position, the registered cell phones are automatically connected to the system.

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