About HD Radio

- HD Radio Technology is a hybrid broadcasting system that employs digital and analog signals.

- When the vehicle moves outside the digital broadcasting area (that is narrower than the analog broadcasting area due to the FCC output requirements), the radio reception automatically changes from the digital signal to the analog signal. When the vehicle reenters the digital broadcasting area again, the radio reception automatically changes from the analog signal to the digital signal. When in a digital mode the the Logo will be in orange on the radio display.

- Depending on the broadcasting station, a condition such as a sound delay, echo effect or skipping sound may occur. However, this does not indicate a malfunction.

- Depending on the broadcasting area, the digital signal may not be received in an area where the analog signal can be properly received, or the system frequently switches the channels between the digital and analog signals. However, this does not indicate a malfunction. If this frequent switching between digital and analog causes annoyance, set the radio to the analog mode (HD Radio off mode) that provides the same radio broadcasting quality as a conventional radio.

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