Airflow mode selection button

Airflow mode selection button
Airflow mode selection button

Select the desired airflow mode by pressing the airflow mode selection button. The selected airflow mode is indicated on the display.

Each airflow mode activates the following air outlets.

outlets (Ventilation): Instrument panel outlets

outlets and (Bi-level): Instrument panel outlets and the foot outlets

outlets of (Heat): Foot outlets, both side outlets of the instrument panel and some through windshield defroster outlets (A small amount of air flows to the windshield and both side windows to prevent fogging.)

outlets, Heat-def): Windshield defroster outlets, foot outlets and both side outlets of the instrument panel

When the У
selected, the airФ mode is selected, the air conditioner compressor automatically operates to more quickly defog the windshield. At the same time, the air inlet selection is automatically set to the Уmode).Ф mode (outside air mode).

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