Rear center seating position


The head restraint is not intended to be used at the lowest position. Before sitting on the seat, raise the head restraint to the extended position.

A) When not used (retracted position)

A) When not used (retracted position) B) When used (extended position)

1) Head restraint

1) Head restraint
2) Release button

To raise: Pull the head restraint up.

To lower: Push the head restraint down while pressing the release button on the top of the seatback.

To remove: While pressing the release button, pull out the head restraint.

To install: Install the head restraint into the holes that are located on the top of the seatback until the head restraint locks.

When the rear-center seating position is occupied, raise the head restraint to the extended position. When the rear center seating position is not occupied, lower the head restraint to improve rearward visibility.

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