Roof rail (if equipped)

1) Roof rack

1) Roof rack

Luggage can be carried on the roof after securing the roof rack to the roof rail.

When installing the roof rack on the roof rail, follow the manufacturers instructions.

The roof rail is designed to carry loads (luggage and roof rack) of not more than 150 lbs (68 kg).

- When using the roof rack, make

- When using the roof rack, make sure that the total carrying load of the roof rack and luggage does not exceed 150 lbs (68 kg). Overloading may cause damage to the vehicle.

- For cargo carrying purposes, the roof rail must be used together with the roof rack and any appropriate carrying attachment that may be needed. The roof rail must never be used alone to carry cargo. Otherwise, damage to the roof or paint or a dangerous road hazard due to loss of cargo could result.

Remember that the vehicles center of gravity is altered with the weight of the load on the roof, thus affecting driving characteristics.

Drive carefully. Avoid rapid starts, hard cornering and abrupt stops. Crosswind effects will be increased.

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