Defroster button

Defroster button
Defroster button

To defrost or dehumidify the windshield and front door windows, press the defroster button Уbutton isФ. When the Уbutton isФ button is pressed, the indicator light on the button illuminates and the following operation is performed.

- The outside air is drawn into the passenger compartment and the airflow is directed towards the windshield and the front door windows.

- The air conditioner compressor automatically operates to quickly defog the windshield.

After eliminating the fogging from the windshield, return the climate control system to the FULL AUTO mode by pressing the УAUTOФ button or turn off by pressing the УOFFФ button.

Alternatively, press the УagainФ button again to return the system to the setting that was selected before you activated the defroster.

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