Power folding mirror switch (if equipped)

Power folding mirror switch (if equipped)
Power folding mirror switch (if equipped)

The power folding mirror switch operates only when the ignition switch is in the ON or Acc position.

To fold the outside mirrors, push the power folding mirror switch. To unfold the mirrors, push the switch again.

- When the temperature is low, the outside mirrors may stop during operation.

Push the switch again. When the outside mirrors do not work by switch operation, move them several times by manually. This makes it possible to operate them by switch operation.

- When you operate the power folding mirror switch continuously, it may not work. This is not a malfunction. Operate after waiting for a short period of time.

- When you unfold the outside mirrors manually, the mirrors may become wobbly. Be sure to unfold the mirrors by switch operation. If the outside mirrors are still wobbly, fold the mirrors again and then unfold them by switch operation.

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