Anti-entrapment function (type A)

- Never attempt to test this function

- Never attempt to test this function using fingers, hands or other parts of your body.

- The anti-entrapment function may not operate properly if some object gets trapped just before the window fully closes.

- If a window detects an impact similar to that caused by trapping an object (for example, when the vehicle is driven over a deep pothole), the anti-entrapment function may operate.

- The window cannot be operated for a few seconds after the anti-entrapment function operates.

- If the vehicles battery is disconnected due to situations such as battery or fuse replacement, the antientrapment function is deactivated.

Initialize the power window to reactivate the anti-entrapment function. Refer to Initialization of power window (type A).

While closing automatically, if the window senses a substantial enough object trapped between the window and the window frame, it automatically moves down slightly and stops.

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