Tripped sensor identification

The security indicator light flashes when the alarm system has been triggered.

Also, the number of flashes indicates the location of unauthorized intrusion or the severity of impact on the vehicle.

When the ignition switch is turned to the УONФ position, the indicator light will light for 1 second and then flash as follows.

- When a door or rear gate was opened:
5 times
- When the ignition switch was turned to the УONФ position: 3 times
- When a strong impact or multiple impacts were sensed: twice (only vehicles with shock sensors (dealer option))
- When a light impact was sensed: once (only vehicles with shock sensors (dealer option))

Any of the above indicator light flashings will recur each time the ignition switch is turned to the УONФ position.

Rearming the alarm system cancels the flashing.

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