Fan speed control dial

Fan speed control dial
Fan speed control dial

The fan operates only with the ignition switch in the ON position. The fan speed control dial is used to select the AUTO (automatic control) mode or to select the desired fan speed. The dialТs positions and their functions are as follows.

OFF: The fan does not operate.

AUTO: The fan speed is adjusted automatically in accordance with the air temperature inside and outside the passenger compartment, the intensity of sunlight, and other factors. SUBARU recommends using the AUTO position.

Other positions: The fan speed can be adjusted in 7 steps.

With the fan speed control dial in the AUTO position and the airflow control dial in the У
or УФ position,Ф, Уor УФ position,Ф, or Уthe fan does not operate during engineФ position, the fan does not operate during engine warm-up until the engine coolant temperature exceeds approximately 1228F (508C).

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