Front passengerís SRS frontal airbag

The front passengerís SRS frontal airbag uses a dual stage inflator. The inflator operates in different ways depending on the severity of impact.

The total load on the seat is monitored by the passengerís occupant detection system weight sensor under the seat.

Using the total seat load and seatbelt buckle switch, the occupant detection system determines whether the front passengerís SRS frontal airbag should or should not be inflated.

The occupant detection system may not inflate the front passengerís SRS frontal airbag even when the driverís SRS frontal airbag deploys. This is normal.

Observe the following precautions. Failure to do so may prevent the SUBARU advanced frontal airbag system from functioning correctly or cause the system to fail.

● Do not apply any strong impact to the front passengerís seat such as by kicking.

● Do not spill liquid on the front passengerís seat. If liquid is spilled, wipe it off immediately.

● Do not remove or disassemble the front passengerís seat.

● Do not install any accessory (such as an audio amplifier) other than a genuine SUBARU accessory under the front passengerís seat.

● Do not place anything (shoes, umbrella, etc.) under the front passengerís seat.

● The front passengerís seat must not be used with the head restraint removed.

● Do not leave any articles on the front passengerís seat or the seatbelt tongue and buckle engaged when you leave your vehicle.

● Do not place a magnet near the seatbelt buckle and the seatbelt retractor.

● Do not use front seats with their backward- forward position and seatback not being locked into place securely. If any of them are not locked securely, adjust them again. For adjusting procedure, refer to ďManual seatĒ F1-3 (models equipped with manual seats only).

If the seatbelt buckle switch and/or front passengerís occupant detection system have failed, the SRS airbag system warning light will illuminate. Have the system inspected by your SUBARU dealer immediately if the SRS airbag system warning light illuminates.

If your vehicle has sustained impact, this may affect the proper function of the SUBARU advanced frontal airbag system. Have your vehicle inspected at your SUBARU dealer.


The front passengerís SRS side airbag, SRS curtain airbag and seatbelt pretensioner are not controlled by the SUBARU advanced frontal airbag system.

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