Corresponding profiles for the cell phone

Х HFP (Hands Free Profile): Ver. 1.0
Х OPP (Object Push Profile): Ver. 1.1

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    Channel scan
    If you press the УSCANФ button while the radio is in the category search mode, the radio turns to the category SCAN mode. In the category SCAN mode, the radio scans only channels in the selected ...

    Security ID plate
    1) Key number plate 2) Security ID plate The security ID is stamped on the security ID plate attached to the key set. Write down the security ID and keep it in another safe place, not in the veh ...

    Menu list of the Hands-free system
    Turn the УTUNE/TRACK/CHФ dial to select a menu, and then press the dial to enter the selected menu. *: If a cell phone is not registered, the menu described in the chart is not indicated. ...