Selection of manual mode

With the vehicle either moving or stationary,

With the vehicle either moving or stationary, move the select lever from the D position to the manual gate then move it to the + end or − end of the manual gate to select manual mode.

Type A
Type A

Type B
Type B

1) Upshift indicator
2) Downshift indicator
3) Gear position indicator

When manual mode is selected, the gear position indicator and upshift indicator and/or downshift indicator on the combination meter illuminate. The gear position indicator shows the currently selected gear in the 1st-to-4th-gear range. The upshift and downshift indicators show when a gear shift is possible. When the upshift indicator upshifting is illuminated, upshifting is possible. When the downshift indicator downshifting is illuminated, downshifting is possible. When both indicators are illuminated, upshifting and downshifting are both possible. When the vehicle stops (for example, at traffic signals), the downshift indicator turns off.

Gear shifts can be performed by using the select lever.

Shift to the next-higher gear by briefly

Shift to the next-higher gear by briefly pushing the select lever toward the + end of the manual gate.

Shift to the next-lower gear by briefly pulling the select lever toward the − end of the manual gate.

Please read the following points carefully and bear them in mind when using the manual mode.

- If you attempt to shift down when the engine speed is too high, i.e., when a downshift would push the tachometer needle beyond the red zone, beeps will be emitted to warn you that the downshift is not possible.

- If you attempt to shift up when the vehicle speed is too low, the transmission will not respond.

- You can perform a skip-shift (for example, from 4th to 2nd) by operating the select lever twice in rapid succession.

- The transmission automatically selects 1st gear when the vehicle stops moving.

- If the temperature of the automatic transmission fluid becomes too high, the AT OIL TEMP warning light will illuminate and upshifts to 4th gear will not be possible. Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and let the engine idle until the warning light turns off.

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