List names function

The voice tags registered in the phonebook are spoken by using the list names function. To use the list names function, perform the following procedure.

1. Select the LIST NAMES menu.

2. Choose the registered data by pressing the talk switch the or by operating the TUNE/TRACK/CH dial. Then SELECTED is displayed. You can choose the following menus.

- DIAL to make a phone call
- CHANGE NAME to change the name (voice tag)
- SET SPD DIAL/SET SPEED DIAL to set the speed dial
- DELETE ENTRY to delete the name (voice tag) from the phonebook
- GO BACK to go back to the menu mode

- After LIST NAMES is selected, if the OFF hook switch
selected number is called. is pushed, the selected number is called.

- After LIST NAMES is selected, if no operation is performed, the memories are displayed and voice tags are spoken. After all memories/voice tags are displayed/spoken, END OF LIST is displayed and the mode changes to the PHONE BOOK menu mode.

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