How to preset stations

1. Press the УFM/AMФ button to select FM1, FM2, FM3 (type A, B and C audio)/ FM-AS (type D audio), AM or AM-AS (type D audio) reception.

2. Select the preferred station.

3. Press one of the preset buttons (from to to to store the frequency. If the button is) for more than 1.5 seconds to store the frequency. If the button is pressed for less than 1.5 seconds, the preceding selection will remain in memory.

- Up to six FM1, FM2, FM3 (type A, B and C audio)/FM-AS (type D audio), AM and AM-AS (type D audio) stations each may be preset.

- If the connection between the radio and battery is broken for any reason such as vehicle maintenance or radio removal, all stations stored in the preset buttons are cleared. If this occurs, it is necessary to reset the preset buttons.

- If a cell phone is placed near the radio, it may cause the radio to emit noise when it receives calls. This noise does not indicate a radio malfunction.

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