Air conditioner button

Air conditioner button
Air conditioner button

The button positions and their functions are as follows.

ON: The air conditioner operates while the fan is running.

Push the button to select this position. The indicator light will illuminate.

OFF: The air conditioner does not operate.

Push the button again to select this position. The indicator light will turn off.

AUTO: Turn the fan speed control dial and airflow control dial to the AUTO position.

The air conditioner compressor operation is then adjusted automatically in accordance with the air temperature inside and outside the passenger compartment, the intensity of sunlight, and other factors.

Pressing the button cancels the AUTO mode. To return to AUTO mode, turn the fan speed control dial or airflow control dial to a position other than the AUTO position. Then turn to AUTO mode.

SUBARU recommends using the AUTO position.

The air conditioners compressor does not operate with an outside temperature of 328F (08C) or lower.

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