Maximum allowable speeds

The following tables show the maximum speeds that are possible with each different gear.

Never exceed the speed limit listed in the following table for each gear position except for brief acceleration in an emergency.

The tachometerТs needle will enter the red area if these speeds are exceeded.

Failure to observe this precaution can lead to excessive engine wear and poor fuel economy.

Never exceed the posted speed limit.

Never exceed the posted speed limit.

When shifting down a gear, ensure

When shifting down a gear, ensure that the vehicle is not travelling at a speed exceeding the Maximum Allowable Speed for the gear which is about to be selected. Failure to observe this precaution can lead to engine over-revving and this in turn can result in engine damage.

In addition, sudden application of engine brakes when the vehicle is travelling on a slippery surface can lead to wheel locking; as a consequence, control of the vehicle may be lost and the risk of an accident increased.

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