To arm the system using power door locking switches

1. Close all windows.

2. Remove the key from the ignition switch.

3. Open the doors and get out of the vehicle.

4. Make sure that the engine hood is locked.

5. Close the doors and the rear gate but leave only the drivers door or the front passengers door open.

6. Push the front side (LOCK side) of

6. Push the front side (LOCK side) of the power door locking switch to set the door locks.

7. Close the door. An electronic chirp will sound once, the turn signal lights will flash once and the indicator lights will start flashing rapidly. After rapid flashing for 30 seconds (standby time), the indicator lights will then flash slowly (twice approximately every 2 seconds), indicating that the system has been armed for surveillance.

- The system can be armed even if the engine hood, the windows and/or moonroof (if equipped) are open. Always make sure that they are fully closed before arming the system.

- The 30-second standby time can be eliminated if you prefer. Have it performed by your SUBARU dealer.

- The system is in the standby mode for a 30-second period after locking the doors with the remote transmitter. The security indicator light will flash at short intervals during this period.

- If any of the following actions are done during the standby period, the system will not switch to the surveillance state.

Doors are unlocked using the remote transmitter.

Any door (including the rear gate) is opened.

Ignition switch is turned to the ON position.

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